Alex is hands down my favorite photographer I’ve ever worked with. Anyone who’s shot with her will likely tell you that she is a true artist. She has vision, and is innovative in her techniques while still managing to be a master at pulling the true nature out of her subjects. She’s always the first person I call for photos (for press, for private, for fun!).
— Cari Quoyeser
I have worked with Alex many times in many different ways and it is always a lovely experience! She is an incredibly affirming photographer, which not only makes shoots feel safe and comfortable, but generally makes things feel easy. I appreciate that whenever I work with Alex I get shots that I wouldn’t necessarily get with other folks by virtue of the way in which Alex herself shoots—things often feel organic and fluid, as opposed to something strictly posed. While both styles of shooting can be positive (and Alex can do both!), I appreciate that she captures so many candid moments (which is why she makes everyone look so good—she captures them when they are fully embodied in themselves). Alex makes me feel in my body and in my power, and I love working with her.
— Abe Heath
For several years I’ve been looking for the right person to capture the magic between my musical partner and I, who also happens to be my husband. I am not comfortable in front of the camera - I prefer to be taking photographs. Alexandra immediately put me at ease with gentle direction so I didn’t feel awkward. At some point the guidance stopped - she was completely in tune with my comfort level. I felt like I was hanging out with a cosmic friend. We love the photographs from our session. In addition to achieving the necessary shots, she has a beautiful voyeuristic style and shoots in between setups, offering a different perspective. She captures the darkness and light of a mood or energy in a way I haven’t seen. I loved working with her and look forward to working with her again. Absolutely original.
— Rachel Staggs
I saw Alex’s photos on a mutual friends page and loved the style, so I hired her to do a holiday photo shoot with my friends. It was so much fun! Not only did we go on an adventure through Austin with cool spaces she spotted, but we also got some really artistic photos to have forever. I loved her so much, I hired her again to do my dj promo shots and again, we had a ton of fun shooting, I felt like a legit model — she is affordable, brilliant, and takes really cool photos. She’ll make you look cool.
— Cassie Shankman
Alex’s unique style made me want to work with her, and I was not disappointed! I don’t particularly enjoy having my picture taken but Alex’s enthusiasm and our conversation throughout the shoot really helped me to feel at ease. And I absolutely love the photos! Couldn’t recommend working with her enough.
— Emily Winterplain
I booked Alex for my maternity shoot and would highly recommend her. Although it was raining on the day of my shoot, she totally made it work and the images were incredible. She is great at location scouting and also making you feel at ease. Her rates are also very fair.
— Melissa Siebert
I’m not a professional model, I’m not exceptionally photogenic, and I don’t usually feel comfortable having my photo taken— especially for photoshoots.
Working with Alexandra has totally altered my perspective on all of these things. The poses came naturally, I was able to relax and be myself, and I truly felt as though I was collaborating with an artist to make magical photos. My comfortability is apparent in the pictures and out of the 50+ I got back, there isn’t one I don’t love.
The pictures Alexandra has taken of me have made me feel like a goddess and I’m so grateful for the experience and the products of working with her.
— Brennan Michalowski
Alexandra is a lovely photographer to work with. Her work, super diverse. Alexandra produces images that are unique and capturing, ones that intrigue you and convey feeling. Dreamy photos with her own touch. I can always tell when I’m looking at one of her photos and I look forward to working with her again.
— Cecilia Maeve
My first experience shooting with Alex was PURE magic. The ease that she carries herself while behind camera instantly put me at ease and opened my mind up the artist possibilities we could achieve together. Even when I wasn’t posing or at my intended “spot” her camera was snapping pictures. When I got my pictures back (which has been super timely & communicative every time I’ve worked with her) interwoven with all my posed shots were the most beautiful candid images I’ve ever seen of myself. She truly absorbs everyone’s beauty and captures it in the most glorious way possible.
The images she produces are truly art.
I loved working with Alexandra and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
— Becca Greenfield
Alex was personable and fun which made it easy to open up in front of the camera. You can feel her experience and inspiration the whole time, it’s contagious! Recommend fondly!
— Kylie Bradford
Alex truly has a unique eye and is extremely talented. Her ability to use natural light is phenomenal, and she helped me capture many moments for my website as a yoga instructor. The turnaround time was amazingly quick, and Alex was communicative through the entire process. Would love to work with her again sometime.
— Jessica Seid
I would refer Alex to anyone and everyone I know. She has an incredible eye & shoots lightning fast, plus the way she edits photos is absolutely stunning. Every single time I receive my photos within just days and it’s always more photos than I even know what to do with! Alex is extremely talented and I love making art with her! Shooting with her is also a total blast. You will be so happy to book Alex.
— Bex Lynn
Alex is AMAZING. She gave me the only photos I’ve actually really liked of myself in years. I felt like she really captured who I was without any forced posing and was super chill during nudey parts of the shoot. She made me feel really good while the pics were being taken. I’ve already scheduled another shoot with her!
— Lee Holloway
I needed professional headshots for a couple professional sites and my creative art website that I had neglected to update for years. Alex planned out a quick one-hour shoot to cover that. We also took some really fun surreal shots.
— Alexis Kraus
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— Hope K.
I can’t say enough about Alex and her unique style of photography. She photographed my teenage daughter and choose the perfect location and captured some beautiful shots of my daughter. They will be cherished memories for a lifetime. I highly recommend Alexandra Kacha Photography.
— Sharon Warchol
Alex is amazing. I was drawn to her distinctive, unconventional aesthetics and the casual authenticity that she sustains throughout her work. I’m a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, but Alex is such a fun person that is was really easy to do. Her photos have come to define the look of my website. She has such a great eye, and I’m really glad I reached out to her. Highest recommendation!
— Thomas Echols